Oncology Massage for Breast Cancer

You are here

because you were just diagnosed with breast cancer, and you are overwhelmed

You are going through treatment and you need a respite from being poked and probed


You are a long time survivor and need help with maintaining and balancing your health

Your loved one is going through this unwelcomed journey and you're looking for ways to support them
you're here

because you are looking for somebody who understands, who is knowledgeable and experienced, who is loving, compassionate and caring.

I am so glad we found each other!

Healing from breast cancer takes a great deal of courage.

I am a 16-year post-breast-cancer "Aliver", with more than 30 years of therapeutic massage and healing experience. I am dedicated to helping women and men during the different stages of dealing with cancer.

You are not alone in this journey!

My IntuAtsu method is proven to be very successful for cancer patients. A combination of meridian work, massage, lymph drainage, and mind relaxation techniques will bring balance, harmonious flow and integration, and aid in releasing stresses, reduce anxiety and ability to cope with treatment. Numerous massage and bodywork techniques will aid with faster recovery from surgery and regain full range of motion.

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being diagnosed with breast cancer was traumatic for me. The medical treatment was not easy. Eeris helped me through it all. She listened and understood and eased some of my fears. Through her massage, she soothed my overtaxed body, which translated into greater ease with the entire stressful situation." 

-Anne B.


"Eeris provides a supportive environment for healing and releasing tension that causes stress and dis-ease. During every step of my journey through breast cancer, chemo, and surgeries, Eeris helped me be in optimum health. Eeris worked with my body using various forms of massage including lymphatic drainage, Shiatsu, and intuitive energy work. Her gifted touch is sensitive, loving and intuitive, and shifts to the varying needs of the client. Eeris provides massage that promotes healing, relaxation, and wellness" 

-Patty Pansa. 2008-2013